High Client Churn

High Client Churn

High client Churn

No one likes a leaking bucket. On one side, you spend a substantial portion of your budget in digital marketing and sales to on-board clients. Complex B2B involves significant investment of time and resources in pre-sales, transition and on-boarding. It hurts when such clients leave in a short while. And when global accounts or key accounts churn, it causes un-repairable damage to reputation and financials. Here are some broader points on why your organization isn’t growing due to high client churn.

Impact on Overall Company Growth

High client churn in B2B companies can hurt overall company growth in several ways:

Overall, high client churn can greatly impact a company’s growth by reducing revenue, increasing costs, damaging reputation, reducing customer lifetime value and making forecasting difficult. This is why it’s important for B2B companies to focus on customer retention and minimize customer churn.

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Measures of Client Churn

There are several measures of client churn in B2B, including:

It is important to note that any of these measures of client churn can be used to identify areas where a company is losing clients and to help develop strategies for retaining those clients.

Short term and Long term impact of High Client Churn

In the short term:

In the long term:

Yet, such a situation can be completely avoided, if your team takes proactive measures. What are those proactive measures and what are those which are relevant to your situation?

Even if you haven’t experienced such a situation, is there a ‘Client Churn Vaccine’. And the answer is a ‘Yes’!

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