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Empowering B2B Growth with Client-Centric Strategies

Growth is not an option but an imperative now. Digitization & globalization has spurred competition in every sector and so clients have become very demanding. Client churn has become very common now.

And many B2B organizations are struggling to unlock the full growth potential of their existing accounts, in spite of a lot of effort and good will. Organizations compensate for this loss by adding new accounts. Unfortunately, having a large client base with small revenue contribution from each only complicates the matter for B2B organizations. In fact, they create long-term stress in the system.

Growth can mean different things to you : YoY revenue growth, increasing EBITDA margin, increasing client base, increasing revenue from key accounts, increasing sales win rates, low customer churn, etc.

How can organizations unlock the full growth potential of their existing accounts?

True assets of any company are not the items in balance sheet, but it is the company’s clients. Businesses exist because of their clients and they grow by leveraging their ‘clients’.

Here’s a simple secret to achieve a stellar business growth. Immaterial of sector, help clients’ succeed, and organizations will automatically succeed in their business. This is the only sure shot way to achieve consistent growth.

Is this practically possible in today’s world? If so, is there a definitive way to achieve this? 

Yes, is is very much possible.

First, move from the tag of a ‘Vendor” to a “Preferred vendor” by consistently delivered on promised value by addressing core client experience issues. Next enhance the performance on deliverables that matter the most to the clients. This will deliver enhanced value to their clients. Last step is to move into orbit of client intimacy where the client sees them as strategic partner. More details of this 3 step process is covered in the book “The Client Centric Protagonist”.

This is where we come in. We help organizations create a workable strategy to grow existing accounts and support in implementing it. This strategy, where the growth is achieved by placing client needs at the center, is also called as Client Led Growth Strategy.

Our Mission

We help organizations unlock their full growth potential with practical Client-Centric strategies.

How to implement a Client Centric Strategy? 

This is not but a comprehensive system for B2B Business Growth. It’s a growth engine. To implement this system, both the “What’s” and “Hows” have to be designed. That is, what is to be changed and how it is be the changed.

This is done by strengthening the foundation, certain organizational attributes, called the 7 Golden Threads. In each area of these Golden Threads, you need to strengthen several important aspects. Consistently improving the maturity of these 7 golden threads will lead to unlocking the full growth potential of existing client accounts. Check out this free course to learn more about Client Centric Business Strategy.

What are the other areas to improve client orientation and drive business growth?

We also help organizations in :

  • Evaluating what is the bottleneck for growth in your organization?
  • Creating a roadmap for sustainable growth based on client centric strategies
  • Improving client orientation & client management practices
  • Refining client value proposition
  • Effectiveness in selling: messaging, pre-sales solutioning
  • Bringing-in insights from data & analytics
  • Re-designing customer experience 
  • Building agility in the organization
  • Improving quality & productivity in delivery operations

Our Clientele

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About our services

At Canopus, we work with B2B organizations in Services and Manufacturing Sectors to achieve consistent Business Growth using Client Centric Strategies.

About Neil

Nilakantasrinivasan J is the author of 3 Books – “The Client Centric Protagonist ”, “The Little Book on Customer Experience” & “The Master Book for Lean Six Sigma ”. To know more about Neil, click here.

About Our Team

Canopus Business Management Group has a team of well-qualified and experienced experts and senior advisers in India who have vast industry experience. Resources required for a given engagement are chosen based on the requirement, expertise and level of support required.

Profiles of individual consultants are available on request.

Why our clients recommend us?


  • Acute Focus on Implementation of solutions is most pragmatic way so that it sustains on long run
  • Comprehensive approach to Client Centric Growth that covers not merely Marketing & Sales but all areas
  • Identify and help you address System level Root Cause that is hindering growth
  • Adapt a hands-on style & practical solutions that work!
  • Build internal capability & transfer knowledge to client teams

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