Strategic Workshops

Strategic Workshops

Most strategic workshops fail short of expectations when a leader within the organization takes the role of a facilitator. His designation, role, title and personality interferes in the workshop’s effectiveness and hence the success rate. That is why, our clients engage us to facilitate their strategic workshops, to ensure alignment of various stakeholders, get clarity on direction and follow-up actions.

Some of the common areas for such strategic workshops are:

  • Annual goal setting & strategic planning
  • Cascading strategy across organization
  • Strategic projects roadmapping
  • Project road mapping
  • Development of metrics across organization
  • Customer Management Strategy
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Employee Journey Mapping
  • Business Process re-engineering

As a facilitator, we will lead the planning, pre-work research, and structure of workshops in order to help the group do their best thinking together and collaborate. Our facilitation will help to:

  • Provide direction to the work groups
  • Retain interest and focus on the objective 
  • Full and equal participation of all members
  • Enable mutual understanding
  • Inclusive and collaborative decision making involving everyone

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