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We help organizations leverage data and analytics in decision making.

Data and Analytics

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Data based mindset AssessmentConduct an assessment to evaluate data based mindset
Exploratory Data Analytics (Data Discovery)Perform advanced statistical data discovery to identify key drivers for business problems across different functions
ML Model BuildingBuild Machine Learning Models for supervised and unsupervised algorithms for business problems across different functions
Data based storytellingEnhance data based storytelling competency within the organization
BI DashboardsBuild BI dashboards using Power BI, Tableau and Google Data Studio
OKRs/Metrics MappingCreate and deploy suitable OKRs and metrics across the organization to facilitate the cascading of goals and strategies across functions
Analytics UpskillingFacilitate workshops of different competency levels for professionals in Operations, HR, Sales, Marketing, Administration & IT

Engagement Model for Data & Analytics

Free Download

Contains data file used in data cleaning tutorial. Can be downloaded for your practice.

Of all the steps in Analytics, data cleaning & preparation plays a very crucial for the success of the entire exercise. In fact, if not done well, it can sabotage the whole objective. Through this video ( and practice file here, you will get hands-on practice on a routine used to clean & prepare data. For convenience, we will work with a complex data set by reasonably small in size.

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