We offer a variety of time-bound interventions that includes expert-led improvement, coaching and training programs as follows:

Leadership Workshop

We offer in-house training, customized leadership workshop and asynchronous self-paced online courses in the following topics in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and across India & South East Asia.
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TopicCategoryDelivery Type
B2B Leadership WorkshopMgmtInstructor Led
B2B Business Development WorkshopMgmtInstructor Led
B2B Customer Relationship skills WorkshopMgmtInstructor Led
KAM WorkshopMgmtInstructor Led
Customer Experience Management B2CMgmtInstructor Led
B2B Client Experience ManagementMgmtInstructor Led
Customer/Client Centricity Workshop for EmployeesMgmtInstructor Led
Data Based Storytelling for LeadersMgmtInstructor Led
Business Model Innovation & Blue Ocean Strategy for LeadersMgmtInstructor Led
Daily Work Management - DWMMgmtSelf Paced & Instructor Led
Policy DeploymentMgmtSelf Paced & Instructor Led
Conducting Voice of Customer InterviewsMgmtInstructor Led
'7 Acts of Customer Centric Professional' for AllMgmtInstructor Led
Sales Problem Solving for BD TeamsSalesSelf Paced & Instructor Led
Sales Strategy WorkshopSalesInstructor Led
Sales AnalyticsSalesInstructor Led
Customer Service AnalyticsSalesInstructor Led
Marketing & Customer AnalyticsMktgInstructor Led
Design Thinking - Customer Journey MappingMktgSelf Paced & Instructor Led
Quality Function DeploymentQualityInstructor Led
Guide to Design Failure Mode & Effect AnalysisQualityInstructor Led
Design of Experiments WorkshopQualitySelf Paced & Instructor Led
Value EngineeringQualityInstructor Led
Process CapabilityQualityInstructor Led
FMEA - Failure Mode & Effect Analysis (AIAG-VDA)QualitySelf Paced & Instructor Led
Lean Six Sigma Yellow BeltQualitySelf Paced & Instructor Led
Lean Six Sigma Green BeltQualitySelf Paced & Instructor Led
Lean Six Sigma Black BeltQualitySelf Paced & Instructor Led
Lean Six Sigma Champion Program QualitySelf Paced & Instructor Led
Quality Circles & KaizenQualityInstructor Led

Statistical Process Control
QualitySelf Paced & Instructor Led
Total Quality Management - TQMQualityInstructor Led
Measurement System AnalysisQualitySelf Paced & Instructor Led
Root Cause AnalysisQualitySelf Paced & Instructor Led
Hypothesis Testing & A/B TestingQualitySelf Paced & Instructor Led
8D Team Oriented Problem Solving (TOPS)QualityInstructor Led
7 Step QC StoryQualityInstructor Led
OEEOpsInstructor Led
Process Values AnalysisOpsSelf Paced & Instructor Led
Value Stream MappingOpsInstructor Led
Visual Workplace - 5SOpsSelf Paced & Instructor Led
Lean Master ClassOpsSelf Paced & Instructor Led
Total Productivity Management - TPMOpsInstructor Led
Cost of Poor Quality - COPQOpsSelf Paced & Instructor Led
Employee Journey MappingHRSelf Paced & Instructor Led
HR Analytics WorkshopHRSelf Paced & Instructor Led
Learning AnalyticsHRSelf Paced & Instructor Led
Lean Standard WorkMgmtSelf Paced & Instructor Led
Digital Business Transformation MgmtSelf Paced & Instructor Led
Process FMEAQualitySelf Paced & Instructor Led
Sales MasterySalesInstructor Led
Data Fluency For Professionals (Basic)MgmtInstructor Led
Design Thinking WorkshopMgmtInstructor Led
Managing Points and Checking Points (MPCP)QualityInstructor Led
Execution Excellence CoachingMgmtInstructor Led
Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)MgmtInstructor Led
Agile Mindset for Client Centricity in Non-softwareMgmtInstructor Led
Good-Bad Analysis WorkshopQualityInstructor Led
Business Analytics (Basic and Advanced)MgmtInstructor Led
Data Fluency For Professionals (Advanced)MgmtInstructor Led
Critical Thinking Workshop for ManagersMgmtInstructor Led

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