Low Sales Win Rates

Low Sales Win Rates

Low Sales Win Rates

Marketing is a top priority for any growth conscious organization. Experts suggest that a % of revenue should be invested in marketing. Here we look at the impact of low sales win rates. In general, B2B firms spend around 15% of their revenue in marketing. And nearly 15-50% of the marketing spends are in digital marketing and lead generation.

Cost of acquisition of digital leads have increased by 60% in the last 5 years, which means, poor conversion ratio due to the sales process will only hurt that much more. Yes, you might be happy because you are still getting leads, but an ineffective sales process is the true problem that you should fix now.

Impact on Overall Growth

In specific sectors:

Overall, a low sales win rate can be a major obstacle to the growth and success of a B2B company, and it is important for companies to put in place strategies to improve it.

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Measures of success for B2B Sales Win Rates 

It’s important to note that different companies will have different measures of success based on their specific industry and business model. It’s always better to compare your company’s success rate to your direct competitors or to similar companies in the same sector to have a better understanding of how you are performing.

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