Daily Work Management System for Managers using Lean Methods

As managers, we constantly struggle to balance between important long term improvement projects and daily issues to fire-fight. No matter which sector you are from, how big or small your organization is, what level you are, there are no exceptions.

In Lean Management, there are well established approaches called as “Nichijo Kanri” aka Daily Work Management that addresses this imbalance.

Daily Work Management will help you to establish a systematic approach to manage business-as-usual affairs, delegate, empower and manage performance of business/process.

  • This course includes a PROJECT WORK to establish a daily work management system
  • This course will help you to create MANAGING POINTS & CHECKING POINTS, and cascade it vertically and horizontally
  • This course includes examples from IT, Digital Marketing, Sales and Marketing & General Management

Target Audience

  • Senior & Mid Level Managers across IT, Services & Manufacturing
  • Small Business Owners who wish to scale up their organization
  • Lean Practitioners & Aspiring Managers

What will you learn?

  • Establish a Daily Work Management System in their team/organization to retain current performance
  • Understand tools & approaches of Daily Work Management as used in Lean management


30 Days

Course Information

Estimated Time: 60 Minutes | 11 Lectures | Price : $59