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Design of Experiments for Product, Process & Quality Managers

Structured Experimentation or Design of Experiment (DOE) helps Product Engineers to develop and refine designs. It is simply not possible to develop optimal designs that deliver right product performance without understanding the relationship between dependent and independent factors (& within independent factors). Unstructured experimentation consumes indefinite resources and time, that no organizations have.

This is true for both Engineering Product Managers and Service Product Managers. Similarly, both Engineering and Service Process Managers cannot optimize process parameters without conducting structured experiments. Quality Managers have to constantly improve the quality of product, its reliability and that cannot happen without improvising design in a structured manner. This course is going to help Product and Process Engineering Managers from both Service & Engineering Sectors to learn DOE from scratch.

Practical Knowledge of DOE is non-negotiable for any Product, Process and Quality Managers.

Target Audience
What will you get?

After completing the course you will be able to plan, set up, perform and analyze Full Factorial, Fractional Factorial and Taguchi DOE.


30 days

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Estimated Time: 120 Minutes | 20 Lectures | Price : $65


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Factorial Designs

Fractional Factorial Designs

Taguchi Design

Closing & Practice Files

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