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Employee Journey Mapping for HR using Design Thinking

Keep up with trend in HR – Learn Design Thinking Tools – Design HR Process to Improve Employee Retention & Engagement.


The way Human Resource Management (HRM) happens is going through huge disruption due to advent of Analytics, Digitization, Information availability, Social media, etc., Most HR Processes of today would not exist in the same form in near future due changing needs of employees and business dynamics. As HR professional, are you a doer or a creator? Do you execute what is told to you or do you challenge the current method of employee engagement and aim to design a new way of engaging with employees? Most formal Human Resources education, doesn’t teach you to design or create HR processes. They teach you how to do things and why you do it that way. Design Thinking or Design-led Thinking is a way businesses are being re-designed and new value is created. Application design thinking in HR is an top evolving trend in Human Resources in addition to HR Analytics. As a Human Resources (HR) Professional, don’t you want to be on top it?

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