HR Analytics


Learn data driven decision making for HR

This HR Analytics course will help the professionals to select relevant HR metrics, analyze and build a simple predictive model.

At the end of the HR Analytics course, you’ll :

  • Select relevant HR Metrics relevant for your organization and build HR Dashboards with
  • Know what data to look for in various scenarios
  • Create Histograms, Boxplots and perform necessary analysis to validate various HR Scenarios with data
  • Select the right analytics methods/tools for a given scenario
  • Use scatter diagram, correlation, chi-square test to validate HR Hypotheses
  • Build simple predictive models using Regression

Tools Used in HR Analytics:

  • MS Excel Tool
  • Free Excel based Add-ons


  • Introduction to HR Analytics
    • Concept, Evolution of HR Analytics & Role of Analytics in HR
    • Case studies of HR Analytics – Machine Learning and AI in HR
    • Types of HR Analytics and Maturity Level of HR Analytics
    • Guesstimation  – HR Personnel Case Study
  • HR Metrics
    • Recommended HR Metrics for Recruitment, Diversity, HR Operations, Workforce Planning, Performance Management, C&B, Diversity & Inclusiveness, Employee Relations, Employee Engagement & Employee Attrition
    • Linkage between HR metrics and Business Performance Metrics such Profitability, Revenue, Growth, Productivity, Quality, Cost, Etc
  • HR Dashboard
    • Selection of Right type of Charts
    • Visualization Tips
    • Gender Bias Case Study
  • Descriptive Analytics – Univariate Analytics
    • Tips on Right Data Collection & Pre-processing methods for HR Analytics
    • Creating Histogram
    • Outlier Analysis – C&B Case study
    • Creating Box Plots
    • Box Plots – HR Op Case study
  • Data Classification in Analytics
    • Diagnostic Analytics – Bivariate Analytics
    • Scatter Diagram & Correlation
  • Predictive Modelling
    • Simple Predictive Model :Recruitment Case Study
  • Framing of Hypothesis
    • Data Sampling, Confidence Level and Risk
    • Types of Hypothesis Tests
    • Chi-square Test
    • Employee Churn Case Study

Course Features:

  • Training by certified instructor
  • Flexible timings
  • Weekly Quiz & Assignments
  • 6 Case Studies of HR Ops, Recruitment and L&D

Target Audience:

HR professionals (including HRBP, HR generalists, HR functional experts) who are required to analyze and solve HR issues based on data


HR professionals with good exposure to HR processes

Estimated Time: 240 Minutes| 56 Lectures | Price: $159.99

Introduction to HR Analytics

HR Metrics & Dashboards

Week 1 Assignment

Descriptive Analytics – Univariate Analytics

Regression & Predictive Modelling

Week 2 Assignment

Diagnostic Analytics

Week 3 Assignment

Completion Quiz