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L&D Analytics for Learning Professionals

L&D Analytics for Learning Professionals

As a L&D Professional, you must have organized several workshops on Analytics for other employees in the organization. Have you ever attended any skill-upgrade workshop on “Learning Analytics” that is exclusively meant for L&D Professionals?. This ‘L&D Analytics’ is designed exclusive for L&D Professionals

What do you get from this course?
Following the case studies included in the course with solutions:
  1. Adoption Rate for L&D Interventions
  2. Reaction & Feedback Analytics
  3. Verbatim Analytics using NLP
  4. Skills Evaluation using Analytics
  5. Behavioral Analytics
  6. Results Evaluation thro Experiments
Analytics Concepts covered with L&D Examples :
Target Audience

Course Information

Estimated Time: 5 Hrs | 36 Lectures | Price: $159.99


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Case 1 : Adoption Rate for L&D Interventions

Case 2 Reaction & Feedback Analytics – Kirk Patrick Level 1

Case 3 : Participant Verbatim Analytics using NLP

Case 4 Solution : Behavioral Analytics in Orange

Case 5 Background & Solution : Knowledge Evaluation Analytics

Case 6 Solution : Analytics in Orange

HR Analytics – Overview Section (Optional)

Wrapping up

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