Lean Hoshin Kanri Strategy Implementation

Learn step-by-step procedure to implement Strategy using Hoshin Kanri

Did you know, 80% of all organizations that have good strategy fail because of poor implementation”.

Developing a strategy is specific to sector but implementation is not and this course covered strategy implementation. Hoshin Kanri is a powerful and proven Japanese method used by any Deming Awardees to deploy & cascade strategy in their organization. Lean Hoshin Kanri Strategy Implementation Course will provide you all the necessary knowledge, techniques and methods to strategy implementation. What is unique about this course?

  1. Ground level practices : It is not the theory of Hoshin Kanri that will be covered in this course, instead a detailed step-by-step implementation approach
  2. Case Study: A case study of Luka Corporation is used in this course, where in entire Hoshin Kanri approach is developed for that scenario.
  3. Zero on Lean : Virtually there is no Lean background that is needed to do this course

Course Curriculum: Luka Case Stuy Introduction

  • Current Strategic Planning Process in Luka
  • Challenges with Strategy Implementation
  • Origin of Hoshin Kanri
  • Salient features of Hoshin Kanri
  • Roles in Hoshin Kanri Implementation
  • Step by Step Hoshin Kanri Process
  • X Matrix Overview
  • Writing Goals in X Matrix
  • Including Strategy in X Matrix
  • Assigning Ownership in X Matrix
  • Including Strategic Initiatives in X Matrix
  • Types of X matrices
  • Cascading of Hoshins
  • Building Alignment
  • Monthly¬†Kanri Reviews
  • Quarterly Kanri Reviews

What is excluded in this course? Vision & Mission & Strategy formulation is excluded from this course. Developing a strategy is specific to sector but implementation is a not and this course covered strategy implementation. Target Audience

  • Business Head & HODs of Organizations (Large/Medium/Startups)
  • Strategy Team
  • MBA in Marketing or Operations
  • Business Analysts
  • Lean Practitioners



30 Days

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Estimated Time: 120 Minutes | 21 Lectures | Price : $84.99



Achieving Organizational Alignment

Kanri Rigor