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Sales Managers Problem Solving Skills Course

Practical Problem Solving Techniques/Tips for Sales | Various Root Cause Analysis Methods | 4 Assignments


Not all good Sales Person becomes great Sales Manager. As a Sales Manager, one will need very good people, process management and problem solving skills.

As a Sales Manager, challenges you face include why the team is not able to meet targets, how to exploit the potential, how to increase conversion ratios, reduce sales cost, reduce discounts, etc

Traditional problem solving approaches such as DMAIC, PDCA, 8D, etc cannot be applied as such.

This is an exclusive “Problem Solving Course for Sales Managers”.

It offers practical tips and tricks unlike standard problem solving training offered in Manufacturing or Transaction Processing environment.

As a leader, you need to :

Analysis/Techniques to be covered:

Who is this course for:

Course Information

Estimated Time: 2 Hours | 21 Lectures | Price: $70

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