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LSS GB Immersion Course

Welcome to LSS GB Immersion Course

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This is an immersion program on Lean Six Sigma. The purpose of this program is to help you appreciate the concepts of Lean Six Sigma and how they can be used for fact & data driven decision making and process improvements. Hence completing this course, you will have good knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma and will be able to apply some of them to bring about process improvements. 


Course Information

Estimated Time: Arpprox. 7 Hours


Getting Started with Six Sigma

Six Sigma Problem Solving Approach

Listening to Customers

Define Phase : Completing a Project Charter

Define Phase : Process Mapping Tools

Measure Phase : Cause & Effect Relationships

Measure Phase : Introduction to Business Statistics

Measure Phase: Graphical Analysis Method

Assessment Quiz 1

Analyze Phase : Hypothesis Testing

Analyze Phase: Performing Hypothesis Testing

Analyze Phase : Quantification of Opportunity to Improve

Improve Phase: Lean Management Systems

Improve Phase: Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Control Phase: Statistical Process Control

Assessment Quiz 2

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