Customer Experience Masterclass

Customer Experience Workshop

Learning Objectives:

To learn tools,methods, techniques & strategies to build a customer-driven culture in your organisation that aims to increase customer loyalty as measured by increase in revenue, repeat purchase, reduced churn and increased NPS.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Learn to analyze existing CX practices in your organization and identify gaps
  • Enable participants to create processes & policies to deliver exceptional CX
  • Generate ideas/best practices of CX which can be implemented right away

Target Audience:

Senior Leadership Team including CEO, COO, CCXO, Customer Service Head, Business Head, Marketing Head, Operations Head & Functional Heads


Two days interactive workshop

Broad Curriculum:

Broad scope is include here:
  • Understanding current trends on CX across industries
  • Formulation of CX Strategy, implementation and governance methods
  • Specific CX Tools to drastically improve CX
  • Listening to customers – tools & tips to gain insights
  • Measuring customer churn, loyalty & satisfaction
  • Evaluating the complete customer value chain
  • Dimensions of building superior CX culture
  • Tips for customer relationship management


All the methods to be covered in the training will be Application, Analysis or Synthesis as per Bloom’s taxonomy. Aimed at encouraging exploratory learning, in this this workshop a fulfledged case study will be provided that the team will workshop from start to finish covering all the aspects covered above followed by facilitated group discussions to understand the CX principles.

To conduct Customer Experience workshop in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and across India and to know more about the curriculum & structure & customization to your needs, contact us.