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An exclusive One-on-One Executive Coaching to improve Execution Orientation

Execution Excellence Coaching
We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we already have done. – Longfellow
The quality of our Vision, Strategies & Planning can be only measured after execution. Without doubt, ability to ‘Make things happen’ can make or break our professional & personal dreams. Our exclusive One-on-One coaching program is meant to develop leaders who demonstrate strong execution qualities. Senior Executives such as Functional Heads, Sales Heads, ‘Special Projects’ leads, Delivery Managers, Sales Heads – all of them have to translate plans on paper to reality. In doing so, they face several hurdles such as inappropriate resourcing, poor planning, insufficient time on hand, lack of control, stakeholder buy-in, cultural & behavioral issues, etc., This coaching program has been developed based on the such live challenges.

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5 Dimensions of ‘Make-it-Happen’ Coaching

Be it transactional activity or a long term goal, without clarity on how to execute, one will never be successful. It involves setting goals and creating a clear focus on the path for execution. Visual thinking plays a very critical role in bringing clarity. Clarity also means good scoping, fixing accountability, determining drivers of results and seamless planning.
Personality or Charisma plays a very critical role in successful execution. Initiative, drive, clarity in communication, energizing the team, questioning, listening skills & escalating skills, emotional quotient, good self-balance, flexibility and more importantly being insightful of one’s own mistakes are the recipe for execution oriented personality.
Judgment (Facts + Experience)
Successful administrators exercise the knack of sound judgement. Sound judgement can cut down delays, reduce failure rate and have millions of dollars. Often perceived as an art, it’s a combination of facts and experience. This coaching will help in mastering appropriate tools & methods to extract necessary facts and leverage one’s past experience to exercise sound judgement.
Execution is all about synergy – the art of connecting, influencing, facilitating, partnering and collaborating with others. Be it team members, peers, other departments, vendors, customers or other stakeholders. It often involves gaining the upper hand in every aspect of the company including political hurdles.
Attention means constantly overseeing, monitoring, fine-tuning, correcting course, coaching, following-up, etc., Attentive leader will neither micro manage or macro manage.

Coaching Structure

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