Capability Enablement

We partner with organizations to build internal capability to deliver superior customer experience.

Customer Experience Management is an art than a science. Transfer of tacit knowledge is very critical to ensure consistency of experience across multiple channels.

We support your organizations in its journey to build internal capability in the following areas:

  • Customer facing processes & policies review
  • Customer communication kit
  • Instill customer experience metrics
  • Customer experience department terms of reference(TOR), roles & KRIs
  • Employee and channel partner training in the following areas:
    • B2B customer experience
    • Prospect experience management in sales
    • Customer experience management
    • Service quality management
    • IT client loyalty


  • Measurable results include:
    • Increase in C-sat
    • Improved responsiveness to request, query & complaints resolution
  • Higher empowerment of staff
  • Fast cultural penetration of company’s customer experience strategy