Lean Standard Work for Leaders UAE

Lean Standard Work for Leaders

Learn to build Standardized Work for Leaders and Team Members as per the principles of Lean Manufacturing Gurus

Standard Work or Standardized Work in Lean is an important pillar of Lean Manufacturing, Toyota Production System and TQM.

The principle of standard work is aimed at formally identifying the defining activities that are best practices and thus for a standard routine for any given role.

Thus defining standard work is the foundation of reaping full benefits from Kaizen and other improvement and reducing Muda or waste by re-establishing standards which were already established.

Traditionally Standard Work for Team Members in factory is well defined, however when it comes to Standard Work for Leaders, there is also some uncertainty on how to define the standard work and how to implement it.

In this course, which is built on scenarios for both Leaders and Team Members,  using Case Studies, you will learn from scratch:

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Price: ₹1,800

Duration: 1 Month

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