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Canopus LSS GB Certification with Python



Course Features
  • CBMG online training courses are developed based on the micro-learning concept.
  • The duration of lecture videos is around 5 ~ 10 minutes/each.
  • Lectures are usually in asynchronous video format and securely hosted in our LMS.
  • All online courses are designed to take into consideration the learning experience and the knowledge acquisition of the participant in remote mode. Hence lectures have been segmented and grouped appropriately. For every video lecture, necessary tools, templates, case files, solution keys have been uploaded.
  • Participants can download them on their local drive and practice.
  • After every lesson/chapter, a self-assessment quiz is included for the participant to validate his/her knowledge.
  • Registrations through our website will receive Premium Support and Personal Coaching/Doubt clearance through email/phone.
  • Data Analysis in Python  with Step by Step Procedure for All Six Sigma Analysis – No Programming Experience Needed
    • Data Manupulation in Python
    • Descriptive Statistics
    • Histogram, Distribution Curve, Confidence levels
    • Boxplot
    • Stem & Leaf Plot
    • Scatter Plot
    • Heat Map
    • Pearson’s Correlation
    • Multiple Linear Regression
    • ANOVA
    • T-tests – 1t, 2t and Paired t
    • Proportions Test – 1P, 2P
    • Chi-square Test
    • SPC (Control Charts – mR, XbarR, XbarS, NP, P, C, U charts)
  • Python Packages – Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Statsmodels, Scipy, PySPC, Stemgraphic
  • Full Fledged Lean Six Sigma Case Study with Solutions (in Python Scripts)
  • More than 100 Resources to Download (including Python Source Files for all the analysis
Canopus Six Sigma Certification Criteria
  • After taking our course, if you fulfill our certification criteria below, you will receive Canopus Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification that is widely accepted in Industry:
  • Completion of 21 chapters of online Six Sigma Green Belt course offered by Canopus Business Management Group
  • Clear online Lean Six Sigma exam** conducted by Canopus Business Management Group in single attempt
  • Submit proof for application of Lean Six Sigma concepts(Application of at least 5 Lean Six Sigma Tools to real-life problem or 1 Lean Six Sigma project)
  • At the discretion of Canopus, you may have to take viva by Lean Six Sigma industry experts (Note: For retake fees, contact us)

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