Business Leadership Engagement Feedback

Welcome to SACL Business Leadership Engagement Feedback.

As a business leader, though you may not be involved in the daily interactions with SACL, being SACL's key stakeholder, your feedback is vital.

We'd like to hear from you about the overall engagement with SACL, their alignment to your business & strategic priorities and how you see them as a long term strategic partner. This should take only a few minutes. 

We really appreciate your independent and honest assessment from strategic and business perspective.

Note: We are also collecting operational level feedback across levels from your organization.

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How would you rate SACL on the overall value it offers to your organization?*

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According to you, which of the following best describes SACL?*

SACL Management has a favorable partnership attitude and demonstrates commitment to our long term relationship?

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SACL moves aggressively and with agility to respond to our organization's needs & plans*

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SACL provides know-how that is relevant to our industry and market now and in future.*

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It is easy to work with SACL because:*

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How can SACL strengthen the relationship with your organization?*

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Can you share 3 things SACL is good at:*

Can you share 3 improvement areas for SACL:*

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