Sales Leadership Mastery

Sales Leadership Workshop


Sales Managers and Front Line Managers are constantly tasked to improve the dealer performance, understand changing need of customers, decipher competition moves so as to deliver revenue growth targets consistently.

In order to accomplish this successfully, they required high proficiency in problem solving skills to identify real root causes, develop pragmatic, yet creative solutions for addressing root causes, influence dealers and get their commitment to a time bound action plan.

Often, in reality, front line managers succumb to market pressure and end up working on trivial and tactical items that have very little impact on business outcomes.

The comprehensive program is aimed at improving Problem solving skills, prioritization, Root cause analysis, new BTL opportunity identification in the territory, selection of right solution, Change Management & Influencing skills for dealer/stakeholder management.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to apply problem solving techniques to drive primary sales, increase customer satisfaction and other daily management issues
  • Learn change management skills, influencing and stakeholder management tools to increase performance through higher dealer engagement
  • Equip to identify and tap BTL opportunities to drive primary sales of existing products using tools of innovation

Target Audience:

  • Front Line Sales Managers who handle dealers directly
  • Managers of Front Line Managers
  • Regional Managers


There are no pre-requisites as such. However appreciation of problems to be solved and a mindset to challenge and change the status quo is highly desirable.

Broad Curriculum:

This curriculum is inclusive of the 3 day workshop. Broad scope is include here:

  • Problem Solving techniques in sales including prioritization, data segmentation, control-impact analysis, screening & refinement of ideas, risk assessment, etc
  • Change management techniques including creating buy-in, negotiation skills, stroking, transactional analysis,etc
  • New opportunity generation including market discontinuities, creating wow moments, F-E balancing, and looking beyond existing demand,etc

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All the methods to be covered in the training will be Application, Analysis or Synthesis as per Bloom’s taxonomy.

In this workshop, learning will be through facilitated group discussion and group activities.

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