Canopus Client Centric Culture Assessment

Canopus Client Centric Culture Assessment

An easy and effective psychometric assessment of Client Centricity Culture of your organization

Client Centricity

Client centricity is the attitude of putting the client’s success at the center of all decisions and actions taken throughout an organization. It goes beyond merely considering what customers are looking for; it’s about creating a culture and mindset shift that prioritizes the client’s interests every day, everywhere.

In a technology driven environment, being client-centric is a definitive competitive differentiator. Client Centric Culture is a powerful business growth lever and you shouldn’t miss out.

Measuring Client Centricity

Measuring client centricity is crucial for understanding how well your organization prioritizes and serves its customers. It also serves as a yardstick of progress. There are different ways to evaluate client centricity. You can consider surrogate measures such as C-Sat metrics, business performance metrics, social-media reviews, informal customer feedback, and surveys.

At the heart of client centricity are your employees. Hence, their attitude towards clients and situations relating to clients have a significant impact on how the organization as a whole is client centric. For instance, without the right attitude, employees may not establish or adhere to processes that provide transparency to clients.

Hence, it is important to understand the behavioral responses of employees to evaluate the cultural maturity of the organization in terms of Client Centricity.

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About Canopus Client Centricity Culture Assessment

Canopus Customer Centricity Assessment is a proprietary tool and an organizational assessment to understand the behavioral and cultural maturity of an organization across 7 dimensions of client centricity. These 7 dimensions can also be viewed as simple behaviors that every employee can easily master and practice called as the  7 Acts of Client Centric Professional.

These 7 dimensions are:

  1. Understand the Customers with empathy
  2. Take Ownership of needs
  3. Establish Fair, Scalable, Transparent & Sustainable Process
  4. Collaborate internally & externally
  5. Consistently Deliver on promises
  6. Continuously Improve things for customers
  7. Serve with Passion

You can learn more about 7 Acts of Client Centricity here.

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Sample Assessment Output

The result report of the Client Centric Culture Assessment is an interactive report. Click here to access the sample assessment report

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In order to evaluate whether this assessment will be useful to you, as a next step, we recommend you to simply contact us and we’ll guide. In case it is not apt, we will let you know upfront.

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