Speaking Engagement – T & C

  1. Canopus’s Obligations for Speaking Engagement

    1. Canopus shall supply the Speaker for the Engagement, which shall be delivered in accordance with Good Professional Practice. “Good Professional Practice” means the exercise of that degree of skill, care, diligence, prudence and foresight which would reasonably and ordinarily be expected from time to time from a skilled and experienced contractor seeking in good faith to comply with his contractual obligations, and engaged in the same type of undertaking and in the same or similar circumstances and conditions as those envisaged by this Agreement.
  2. Client’s Obligations for Speaking Engagement

    1. Client shall provide suitable venue in consultation with the speaker so as to ensure participants derive maximum value.
    2. Client shall provide all necessary infrastructure such as projector, audio equipment,  speakers, slide changer, whiteboard, markers, flip charts and any other requirement in accordance with the prior verbal agreement with the speaker.
    3. The Client is responsible for all necessary expenses incurred by the Speaker that are directly connected with the Engagement. The Client will , where appropriate,  directly organize for Speaker accommodation, meals and all air or overland travel tickets, local cab transfers & other incidental expenses. All travel will be first class unless agreed to the contrary in writing by Canopus.
    4. If there is any expenses incurred for stationery (printing of handouts, etc), that will be claimed through separate debit note
  3. Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

    1. The Client undertakes not to permit any person to make any sound recording or video recording of the Speaker’s participation in or performance of the Services unless authorized by Canopus in writing, prior to the engagement.
    2. Copyright and other intellectual property rights in any of the materials used for or in connection with the Engagement shall be and remain vested in Canopus.
    3. Sharing of the presentation copies and other material used for or in connection with the Engagement, is solely at the discretion of Canopus
  4. Fees and Payment

    1. In case of paid engagement, PO has to be released prior to the engagement
    2. Advance payment as per terms of PO
    3. All payments to be made in 7 days from date of invoice
    4. In case of cancellation or postponement of the engagement within 1 week of engagement(paid & non-paid), the client agrees to pay a compensation of 40%.
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