Statistical Process Control Training

SPC Workshop

Learning Objectives:

To help Process & Engineering Managers to appreciate the principles & concept of Statistical Process Control (SPC) and how to can be applied to different processes to improve performance

Expected Outcomes:

  • Understand the concept of Statistical Process Capability (SPC) and how it can be used for process management across sectors and in different processes.
  • Learn the statistical techniques that are used in developing control charts including types of control charts, computation of control limits, selection and interpretation of results
  • Step by step process to plan, execute and interpret Statistical Process Control (SPC) for different types of data
  • Practical strategies to manage, compare and improve processes based on SPC

Target Audience:

Engineering Leadership Team, Manufacturing Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Quality Engineers, Process Improvement Professionals


Two day interactive workshop

Broad Curriculum:

Broad scope is include here:

  • SPC Introduction
    • Background and need for Statistical Process Control in Process Management
    • Relevance across Sectors
  • Principles of Statistical Process Control
    • Central Tendency & Variability measures, Distribution, Distortion
    • Role of Process variability on process performance
    • Control Limits and Specification Limits
  • Identifying Patterns and Trends using Western Electric rules
  • Implementation of Statistical Process Control – Step by Step approach
    • Data collection for SPC
    • Data Sampling & Rational Sub-grouping
    • Measurement system check – GRR
    • Normality Check
  • Types of Controls Charts – Selection Criteria for attribute and variable charts
    • I-MR, Xbar-R, Xbar-S, P, NP, C, U Chart types
    • Advanced Charts Overview – CUSUM, EWMA, G & T Charts
  • Strategies for process management based SPC


All the methods to be covered in the training will be Application, Analysis or Synthesis as per Bloom’s taxonomy.

Aimed at encouraging exploratory learning, in this workshop case studies will be provided that the team will workshop from start to finish covering all the aspects covered above followed by facilitated group discussions to understand the Statistical Process Control (SPC) principles.

To conduct SPC (Statistical Process Control) workshop in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and across India and to know more about the curriculum & structure & customization to your needs, contact us.