Customer Journey to BuyRe-wire Your Customer Experience

Source: 2011 AMEX India Customer Experience Barometer Survey

It is evident from the above findings that each & every customer interaction is an opportunity to drive Customer Experience which in turn impacts customer retention, loyalty and share of wallet.

But the interactions are so complex and difficult to manage in large scale operations.

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To make things more complex, our moments of customer interactions are brief, fragmented and mere snapshots. The customers may be in health or financial difficulties or in the middle of a crisis or some unanticipated trouble.

Re-wiring Customer Experience is a systematic way to cleanup of the various touch points that removes barriers and install levers or seeds that will enable the customers to progress to next phase of customer journey.

About the Author

Nilakantasrinivasan (Neil) helps a range of large enterprises in services and manufacturing, with particular emphasis on customer experience, retention and churn management. He can reached at

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