LSSGBPython for Lean Six Sigma Professionals

Python for Lean Six Sigma Professionals

We have launched a new online course for Six Sigma Experts like you : Python for Six Sigma Professionals.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 300 Minutes | 30 Lectures | Price : $59.99


Use Coupon code: PLSS19#

To Get this Course for $19.9 Now

(Valid till 12 Jul 2019)

   Why you should consider this PYTHON course? Keep Yourself Up To Date. Don’T Miss Out Big Time On Data Science Just Because You Don’T Know Python What to Expect in this Course? Pre-requisites Prior knowledge of the Six Sigma Analysis tools is needed. (If you don’t have Green Belt Level proficiency, then register for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course with Python instead)   Online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course using Python in India.

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