performance managementHow Analytics Can Help Sales Directors In Addressing Their Priorities?

How Analytics can help Sales Directors in addressing their priorities?

Analytics can help Sales Directors in addressing their priorities

As per Gatner’s findings, top priorities for Sales Directors, Business Heads for 2020 includes broadly three themes. The essential of these themes can be put as 3 questions for which Sales Directors are looking for answers. Additionally, the COVID pandemic has added an additional question to this list. We will examine how Sales Analytics can help in these scenarios.

How to improve sales manager’s effectiveness?

Sales Analytics can help sales managers to prioritize, evolve a performance management strategy, specific actionable points to improve their effectiveness. These can be obtained by performing descriptive, diagnostic and predictive analytics. Following are some of the pointers that analytics can be helpful:

How to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the sales process?

When organizations have extensively invested in enabling technologies for sales, Sales Directors are concerned about how to improve the quality of the leads, conversion %, pipeline size, consistent customer engagement, etc. Here are few ways in which Sales Analytics can help in this direction:

How to improve revenue assurance through account management, repeat business and customer retention?

Revenue assurance programs are important in ensuring the organization maintains cash flows and ripes the fruits relationships built over years. Here are some ways analytics can help :

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How to retain market share and sustain revenue levels during pandemic?

The pandemic has put most customer priorities in the back burner. The pipelines have gone dry and confidence of sales personnel have dwindled as well. Here are some ways in which analytics can be helpful in sales during this period:

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