StrategyWhy Strategy Implementation is important?

Consider the following facts about Business Strategy:

Source: Large Research Organizations & Consulting firms such as Wharton, Renaissance Consulting, etc

No matter how great your Strategy is, it wouldn’t make any difference, as long as it is not implemented well.

Remember, unless your strategy isn’t grossly wrong, mostly strategies would yield equally good results as long as implementation is seamless.

Rolls-Royce and Ford have completely different strategies and both of them are successful. Think about it.

Interview: Organizational Strategy Challenges & Solutions

Extract of an interview of Neil published in Consultants Review Magazine about Organizational Strategy Challenges and Solutions

The economy stands at a crucial juncture now and constant endeavour for excellence and accuracy has come to be more pivotal than ever before.

The goal now is to focus on industry needs with a futuristic perspective, in order to foresee the norms of tomorrow. Canopus Business Management Group (CBMG) is a business services firm that focuses on strategy implementation & business transformation to make them future fit, and it is this approach that has brought them a fair amount of success already. Incepted in 2009, by the MIT educated Nilakantasrinivasan Janakiraman(Neil), CBMG started operations in Chennai, with the vision of bringing something fresh to the consulting space. Read More

Canopus Business

We are delighted and honored to share that Consultants Review Magazine has selected Canopus Business Management Group among 25 Most Promising Management & Strategy Consultants in India.

An extract from May 2015 Issue:

“Over the past decade the corporate world has witnessed dramatic shifts in its form, fi nance, marketing,HR,and outsourcing have all faced the change that is slowly gripping the entire sector. Devising business strategies, global marketing,and innovating new products now form the core of developing a business. In this changing arena, defi ning management & strategy consultants only in the role of advisors would be an understatement. Read More.

Most Promising Management & Strategy Consultant

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Course Description

Annual Goal and Strategy Setting is a very complex process and is largely driven by the company’s culture and tradition. But there are few important elements to this exercise, without which the whole exercise will be waste. In this course, you will learn about the basic elements of good goal and strategy planning exercise, assess where your organization stands when it comes to strategy execution, so that you can create a broad outline to pull your entire organization together around a single game plan.

What makes this course unique?

In my personal experience, many organizations do this activity like any other team outing and end up missing several important elements which impacts the organization’s chances of meeting their goals.

This is a no-nonsense crash course with practical approach to lead an annual goal and strategy session.

Who should take this course?

If you are responsible for coordinating Annual Goal and Strategy Planning for your organization or your department, then you will certainly find this course useful.

Course Start Date: March 15, 2015

Course Package:

Course Fees: Rs.5000

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image Surprises are part of every business. But you can build processes that don’t land you in such unpleasant surprises. image

Know the ‘real’ scope of your projects before you jump into them. Most stategic projects never get completed just for this reason.

image Overloading or exploiting your best resource, be it people, equipment or process, leads to inefficiency and higher defects, needless to mention increased risk!

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