transformationWhy being Future Fit is important?

What got you here, won’t take you there!

If you continue to use the current methods & processes in future, leave alone growth, you can’t even sustain your current position in market. Transformation is a continuous process and the cornerstone of transformation is to become ‘future fit’.

Business Transformation is all about change, be it manufacturing or services such as Banking & Financial Services, Telecom, Outsourcing & IT. Many times organizations know what needs to be transformed and by how much. They even know how to execute the change. Ironically, it never gets accomplished. And if it gets accomplished, the change hardly survives a year. This is a combined failure of change leadership, project management, organization’s culture, quality of solution, incentives, lack of interest, process failure, technical knowledge, competition, external conditions, regulation, etc.

We are delighted and honored to share that Consultants Review Magazine has selected Canopus Business Management Group among 25 Most Promising Management & Strategy Consultants in India.

An extract from May 2015 Issue:

“Over the past decade the corporate world has witnessed dramatic shifts in its form, fi nance, marketing,HR,and outsourcing have all faced the change that is slowly gripping the entire sector. Devising business strategies, global marketing,and innovating new products now form the core of developing a business. In this changing arena, defi ning management & strategy consultants only in the role of advisors would be an understatement. Read More.

Most Promising Management & Strategy Consultant


Know the ‘real’ scope of your projects before you jump into them. Most stategic projects never get completed just for this reason.

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