Business Analytics (Basic and Advanced)

Business Analytics (Basic and Advanced)

Learning Objectives

There is no doubt that Business Analytics is a very important skill for professionals in today’s world. The purpose of this program is specifically provide necessary hands-on skills for working professionals with good business acumen so that they can leverage the use of data and analytics in decision making.  These are run as in-house programs and hence the content can be customized to their organization’s requirements.

THE IS A NO-CODE BASED PROGRAM. Hence participants don’t need software programming skills. The course will use open-source Data mining tool and MS-Excel.

Learning Outcomes:
Target Audience:

Mid to Senior Management Professionals who are :


2 – 10 Days, depending on scope

Broad Curriculum:

Broad scope is provided here. However the scope of the program and can customized to suit to the organization’s requirement.


All the methods to be covered in the training will be Application, Analysis or Synthesis as per Bloom’s taxonomy.

In this workshop, learning will be through interactive group activities.

To conduct Business Analytics Workshop training in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and across India and also to know more about the curriculum, structure & customization to your need, contact us.

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