Data Fluency For Professionals (Basic)

Data Fluency For Professionals (Basic)


Data fluency for professionals is paramount today. We live in a world where there is no dearth of data. Organizations spend a lot to collect, store & retrieve all data.

However, many professionals lack the acumen to identify what data is needed for decision making in a given scenario and how to organize & use that data. Even when they are comfortable doing that, they get looped in personal biases; conveniently ignoring the data and going with pre-conceived notions.

Workshop Overview:

Data fluency for professionals (Basic Level) is about transforming decision making in businesses with data.

This foundation level workshop will help in building appreciation on the importance of data in decision making & methods for interpreting data meaningfully to make relevant decisions. The workshop will be delivered using role plays, games, case studies and real life examples related to industry.

Learning Outcomes:
Target Audience:

Mid to Junior Management Professionals who are required to:


2 Days

Broad Curriculum:

Broad scope is include here:


All the methods to be covered in the training will be Application, Analysis or Synthesis as per Bloom’s taxonomy.

In this workshop, learning will be through interactive group activities.

To conduct Data Fluency Workshop training in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and across India and also to know more about the curriculum, structure & customization to your need, contact us.

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