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Canopus LSS GB Certification

Canopus Business Management Group, backed by Lean Six Sigma experts offer Canopus Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. Our curriculum is based on universal body of knowledge & our certification is well recognized, economical and at par with industry certification standards.


We are also an accredited training organization.

Six Sigma GB Certification Course Offers:
Course Features
Canopus Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Criteria

After taking our course, if you fulfill our certification criteria below, you will receive Canopus Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification that is widely accepted in Industry:

  1. Completion of 21 chapters of online Six Sigma Green Belt course offered by Canopus Business Management Group
  2. Clear online Lean Six Sigma exam** conducted by Canopus Business Management Group in single attempt
  3. Submit proof for application of Lean Six Sigma concepts(Application of at least 5 Lean Six Sigma Tools to real-life problem or 1 Lean Six Sigma project)
  4. At the discretion of Canopus, you may have to take viva by Lean Six Sigma industry experts

(Note: For retake fees, contact us)

Course Duration

7 days equivalent of classroom training

Six Sigma Green Belt Course Content

Download Canopus Lean Six Sigma Green Belt BoK & Curriculum here

Course Information

Estimated Time: 15 Hours | 170 Lectures | Price : $154


One-Time Payment


Six Sigma Problem Solving Approach

Getting Started with Six Sigma

Listening to Customers

Define Phase : Completing a Project Charter

Define Phase : Process Mapping Tools

Define Phase Knowledge Evaluation

Measure : Cause & Effect Relationships

Measure Phase : Measurement System Analysis (MSA) or Gage R&R

Measure Phase : Data Collection – Planning & Execution

Measure Phase: Data Sampling

Measure Phase: Introduction to Business Statistics

Measure Phase: Graphical Analysis Methods

Measure Phase: Assessing Process Capability

Measure Phase Knowledge Evaluation

Analyze Phase: Root Cause Analysis

Analyze Phase : Theory of Hypothesis Testing

Analyze Phase: Performing Hypothesis Testing

Analyze Phase : Quantification of Opportunity to Improve

Analyze Phase Knowledge Evaluation

Improve Phase: Generating and Screening Solutions

Improve Phase: Lean Management Systems

Improve Phase: Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Improve Phase Knowledge Evaluation

Control Phase: Statistical Process Control

Control Phase : Control Plan

Control Phase Knowledge Evaluation

GB Closing Video

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