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Process Capability Analysis

Process Capability Analysis


Capability analysis is a computational method for comparing the output of a manufacturing process to its engineered specification limits. “Process Capability Analysis” starts at the beginning of how manufacturing processes are developed and analyzed.

This set of tools can be applied to product characteristics such as its size, weight and hardness, or to process characteristics such as temperature, voltage or flow and are essential for new process development, 6-sigma projects, Statistical Process Control, and process monitoring

This course covers the basic and advanced concepts of capability analysis along with it applications and math (both in Excel and Minitab). You will learn practical tips and strategies.

In addition, you will get

Basic Concepts covered:
Advanced Concepts
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Also, if you are studying for your ASQ CQE, CQT or CQIA exams, this is essential material. 

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Estimated Time: 1.5 Hrs | 18 Lectures | Intermediate | Price: $15


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