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Visual Analysis Tools

We live in a world of problems. Be it in office, your own business or home, we are expected to solve them all the time.


Conventional analytical skill that you have acquired, is hardly helpful. Many times you don’t even have a structured approach to solve problems. Be it mites at home or failing profits in a corporate, we generously use trial and error method. In doing so, we consume disproportionate energy, time and resources.

Have you ever wondered, why?

Even most simple problems, such as forgetting to refill your grocery stock, have multiple underlying reasons that are interlinked to each other. As a result, using simple analytical tools such as charts, graphs, tables, etc, we will never be able to solve these problems.

Whereas our brain has enormous capability to easily understand non-linear & multidimensional relationships and solve complex problems if we are willing to ‘visualize’!

Visualization is not a pure art form. So you don’t need to be an artist, or be gifted. And neither do you need to glaze at a whiteboard in a silent room to visualize. There are proven tools with clear procedures that can be learnt and used to effectively solve problems visually.

This course covers simple non-math visual business analysis tools that can be applied in any business situation to visually analyze and solve problems of varying complexity.

3 cool tools for visual business analysis tools that you will learn in this course are:

  • Cause and effect Diagram to analyze a problem from various dimensions & collect all possible reasons for the problem
  • Affinity Diagram is group and sort large amount of information gathered through surveys, interviews to arrive at meaningful inferences
  • Deployment Flow Charts (Swim Lanes or Process Maps) to understand and analyze the flow of activities involving multiple cross-functional stakeholders so that ownership and accountability issues can be addressed, etc

Whether you are a business analyst or any other professional, you don’t need to force yourself to document the views of others or be trapped in known/acceptable outcomes from the analysis of any problem. You can now challenge the status quo and think beyond the obvious. You will be able to handle business analysis, comfortably.

Visual business analysis and visual modeling is evolving as a critical skill. Soon knowing these tools will be mandatory for every professional, not just business analyst.

How is this course different from others?

I have built this course based on my learning of over 18 years, applying them across industries. Introduction to every tool starts with a live business scenario. So you will be able to easily relate to the tool and instantly apply to a real problem.

Further the solution to the live business scenarios have also be included for download.

For each tool, clear step-by-step procedure, benefits and tips have been included thereby removing ambiguity.

What are the requirements?
  • This course is meant to build you teach you 3 visual analysis tools from scratch. So no prior knowledge needed!
What am I going to get from this course?
  • Think about problems from new perspective
  • Create new insights to address those problems
  • Understand the big picture and provide apt solutions
  • And receive a certificate of completion on completing an assessment
Who is the target audience?
  • You needn’t have to be a business analyst or a designer to benefit from this course. Any professional who is involved in decision making, business analysis or problem solving, across industry sectors, and who wishes to challenge the status quo and solve business problems with clarity and confidence, can take this course. No prior knowledge of business analysis is needed.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 60 Minutes | 16 Lectures | Price : $20


Course Instructor

Nilakantasrinivasan J Nilakantasrinivasan J Author

Nilakantasrinivasan J (Neil) (born 1974) is an Indian author, consultant and guide, focused on the subject of client centricity, B2B client centric business growth, business transformation & analytics. Nilakantasrinivasan J (Neil) is the author of 3 books, The Client Centric Protagonist, The Master Book for Lean Six Sigma & A Little Book for Customer Experience.

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