Corporate today pay a premium for creativity. Out-of-box thinking, disruptive solutions is the way of the future.

This e-learning course is specially built for professionals to enhance their personal creativity at work. Immaterial of the level of seniority and experience, we assure that this course will be useful. SCAMPER is a very popular tool used for generating creative solutions to problems.

Is it right for you
  • Project leaders
  • Team members of improvement projects
  • Corporate Employees of all levels
  • Six Sigma project champions
  • B-school Students
What will you learn
  • Facts about creativity
  • Challenges for creativity
  • What is SCAMPER
  • Benefits of SCAMPER
  • Pre-requisites to apply SCAMPER
  • Tips to apply SCAMPER
  • When to apply SCAMPER
  • Around 20 examples from Manufacturing & Services for each principle of SCAMPER
Features of the Course
  • 1 chapter with 60 mins of self-learning content
  • Interactive audio-visual medium with ample manufacturing and service industry examples
  • Interactive self-assessment quiz for every chapter

Validity Price
30 days access to 1 chapter of online creativity course content 30 days access to 1 chapter of online creativity course content is Rs.999 + ST
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