Customer Churn & Retention

Customer Churn & Retention

We help organizations to systematically identify the root causes of churn & eliminate them.

It’s sick to see customers leaving. Sometimes it hits us hard, but many times we even don’t know if a customer has really left!

Customer Churn is the proportion of customers who wouldn’t return back to do business with an organization as a proportion of their total customer base. It’s also called known as Customer Attrition or Customer Defection.

Why customer retention is important now?

Sources: Leading research & consulting firms

Characteristics of high churn industries

Companies experiencing high churn have one or more of these characteristics:

Reasons for customer churn

There are a myriad of reasons for customers to leave. Broadly, they can be grouped as organizational factors, environment driven and customer driven factors. To know more, download ‘Customer Churn Boilerplate’.

Download Customer Churn Boilerplate

To know more about computation of Customer Churn, download calculator below.

Download Customer Churn Calculator

How can we help you?

We use a structured 5 step diagnostic approach called ‘IDEAS’ to identify the real root causes for churn that are specific your organization and fix them.

Download Customer Churn & Retention Management Report

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