Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

We help organizations identify, capture and transfer knowledge that is critical, explicit and tacit for superior customer experience.

Knowledge Management is probably one of the most abused terms in the corporate world today. But in the context of customer experience, knowledge management certainly holds the secrets to a superior customer experience of world’s best brands.

A portion of the knowledge that cannot be easily transferred to another person by means of writing it down or verbalizing is called as Tacit Knowledge. None of the customer policies, operating manuals and other documentation can transfer the tacit knowledge that one customer facing employee holds to create customer intimacy. But brands like Disney have been extremely successful in capturing and transferring tacit knowledge, thereby creating wow experience to customers, consistently.

Benefits of Knowledge Management

  • Benefits for Organization
    • Customer churn reduction
    • Increase in customer loyalty and repeat business
    • Company creates its secret recipe to delight customers that cannot be easily copied by competition
    • Effective knowledge retention and transfer across the organization
  • Benefits for Customers
    • Consistent experience with the brand
    • Faster service times
    • More fulfilled experience during human interactions.

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