Touch point Efficacy

Touch Point Efficacy

We help to fix your touch points so as to offer superior customer experience.

Be it a contact center, retail outlet, website or product installation sheet, all these touch points are a result of huge investment an organization makes and rightly so, they are the power grids of customer experience. Unfortunately, they are the fault lines of customer interactions too.

Touch points can be two-way, one-way or automated. They may handle multiple transactions. And each of these transactions may have been designed as fixed, variable or customer-definition interaction plans.

A well designed and managed touch point will deliver maximum value to customer during each interaction.

Inefficacy of a touch point is the gap that exists between perceived value customers expect from the organization during an interaction and the real value offered by the people, process & technology.

Efficacy of a touch point is not merely to offer desired value but to implant levers that enhance loyalty, repurchase and increased share of customer’s wallet.

How can we help you?

Ultimate objective of touch point efficacy study is to drive loyalty, repurchase and increased share of customer’s wallet. In touch points such as website, retail outlet, service center, the means of achieving this objective is as follows:
Download XL based Touchpoint Assessment Check Sheet for Evaluation & Benchmarking with Instructions

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