Future Fit Transformation

We transform your business to be FUTURE FIT.

Why being Future Fit is important?

“What got you here won’t take you there!” If you continue to use the current methods & processes in future, leave alone growth, you can’t even sustain your current position in market. Transformation is a continuous process and the cornerstone of transformation is to become ‘future fit’. Business Transformation is all about change, be it manufacturing or services such as Banking & Financial Services, Telecom, Outsourcing & IT. Many times organizations know what needs to be transformed and by how much. They even know how to execute the change. Ironically, it never gets accomplished. And if it gets accomplished, the change hardly survives a year. This is a combined failure of change leadership, project management, organization’s culture, quality of solution, incentives, lack of interest, process failure, technical knowledge, competition, external conditions, regulation, etc.

Why we can help you?

  • What works for large enterprises may not work for mid size organizations! We understand what approach suits you!
  • We have vast experience in leading change in complex situations across industries and corporate cultures.
  • We deliver measurable and sustainable results.
  • We approach Business Transformation holistically, rather than as a mere process change. Thus our services include aspects such as leadership on-boarding, internal mass-communication campaigns, long term transformation roadmap, up-skilling, process re-design, data analysis, automation, process training, on-going process audits and regular reporting. We run an entire program office (PMO) to manage your change.
  • We are hardcore change agents who are used to working by rolling up our sleeves.
  • We understand ‘Strategy Execution’ & ‘Customer Experience’ well enough to make your business transformation efforts futuristic and fruitful.
  • We don’t thrust any specific methodology such as Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, Balance Score Card, TRIZ, etc. Instead, we use our expertise in these areas to do what is relevant your business!

How we help you?

A delicate balance needs to be established between all People, Process, Technology and External Environmental factors for a successful change. Our engagement models are based on project-based engagements where we lead and deliver the projects on ground, or play a facilitative role of a mentor or coach. In both cases, we collaborate with your teams and transfer tacit knowledge to your teams. We take a holistic approach to transformation and thus a well proven suite of offerings are packed together to ensure that change is cultural and not superficial. To know more, check out services.  

Our Services

Sales Transformation

The revenue generation engine of any organization hardly goes through a maintenance or overhaul. It is now proven that selling is a process and hence it can be replicated across the organization.

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Lean Transformation

We have firsthand experience in delivering end-to-end lean transformation in Services and Manufacturing, just like the Japanese would do it. We support entire deployment or drive specific projects.

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Process Design

Call it process design, re-design or re-engineering (BPR), all that’s needed is to simplify the life of employees and customers by leveraging technology & process. The re-designed processes should be future fit. We just do this for you!

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Quality & Productivity Enhancement

Driving grass root level improvement in quality & productivity is very easy, but building it in a sustainable and measurable program is difficult. We have put in years of hard work in fine tuning the approach to Quality & Productivity Improvement Programs.

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