Strategy Implementation Services

We co-own & steward the implementation of your business strategy.

Our Strategy Implementation Service is unique, in that we co-own & steward the deployment of business strategy.


  • Establish priority list of projects/initiatives
  • Conduct governance monthly and quarterly strategic reviews with leadership team
  • Facilitate change in strategic direction of choice
  • Systematic mechanism for resource management for strategic initiatives
  • Coach business teams to overcome roadblocks and challenges
  Our approach is based on well established Japanese strategic implementation mechanism called ‘Hoshin Kanri’ & ‘Catch ball’.

Engagement Model

We stay engaged throughout the year and facilitate seamless strategy implementation rather than submit a strategic document and leave the execution to you by engaging in the following manner:
  • Program Management of your organization’s strategy implementation
  • Provide diverse support models such as on-site/off-site resources for hands-on execution


  • Drive accountability during implementation of strategy
  • Facilitate the achievement of stretch goals
  • Create synchronization between departments
  • Ensure strategy implementation doesn’t stall for resource or expertise
    • Lead strategic initiatives needing special expertise or having resource constraints
    • Mentor strategic initiatives requiring guidance
    • Attrition or transfers leading to shifting priorities
  • Facilitate prioritization of strategic initiatives
  • Drive a culture of ‘execution’