Strategy Implementation

We empower your organization to achieve its Long & Short Term Goals.

Why Strategy Implementation is important?

Consider the following facts about Business Strategy:

  • While 80% of organizations have 3 year ‘Goals’ they hardly have any defined strategy!
  • 80% of all organizations that have well-defined strategies fail to execute them well.
  • Less than 5% of employees understand an organization’s business strategy.
  • 60% of organizations don’t link strategy and budgeting.
  • Large enterprises are no way better than the smaller ones. In fact, most large enterprises have a well-crafted business strategy, but they fail in Execution!
Source: Large Research Organizations & Consulting firms such as Wharton, Renaissance Consulting, etc

Top 10 Organizational Challenges in Strategy Implementation

  1. Lack of ‘Individual Ownership & Joint Accountability’ for organization goals
  2. Non-synchronized effort between leaders/functions in applying a strategy
  3. Budgetary Planning, Strategic Planning & Performance Planning non-synchronized
  4. Leaders give great talks on prioritization, but they don’t prioritize strategic initiatives
  5. Strategic Initiatives aren’t scoped well – punctuated with long duration & unrealistic goals
  6. Too many strategic initiatives run concurrently leading to strategic fatigue
  7. Most strategic initiatives bet on the same best guys around leading naturally to under performance
  8. Strategic Initiatives evolve from a wish list rather than from environment scanning
  9. No QUANTITATIVE measures of success for strategic initiatives
  10. No systematic mechanism to adapt strategy to changes in external & internal environments

Why we can help you?

One real reason for your organization to fail is not wrong Strategy, but its poor execution. We are here to ensure that doesn’t happen.

  • We are not industry experts to advise you on the next strategic move. We are down-to-earth folks with functional expertise in ‘Strategy Implementation’.
  • We are not going to submit bulky strategic documents and leave implementation to you. Instead, we are going to work side-by-side to implement your strategy.
  • We bring together functional expertise in select areas that are key to successful strategy implementation such as Business Transformation, Change Management, Finance, Risk, Technology & Leadership Development.
  • Most leaders approve the show of aggression as good execution-ability. But execution is a skill that requires good precision, judgment, clarity and charisma. We know the art and science of execution and help your organization acquire it!

In a nutshell, we stitch together your organization to fulfil your strategy.

How we help you?

Consider the Strategy Formulation Lifecycle

  Strategy Formulation Lifecycle

We partner with organizations like yours across the entire lifecycle. Our primary engagement model is based on following facets

  • Facilitate seamless strategy implementation rather than
  • Bring-in experts in Strategy Implementation, Business Transformation, Change Management, Finance, Risk & Technology
  • Provide diverse support models such as On-site/Off-site Resources for hands-on execution
  • Help you achieve long-term goals
  • Ensure results are measurable
  • Strengthen and align leadership towards Individual Ownership & Joint Accountability
  • Establish Management practices that have long lasting impact on an organization’s culture
  • Build internal capabilities for strong execution

Our Services

Business Model Innovation

Innovation is not always about product development. For your product/service to be commercially successful, there are several factors such as your market boundaries, industry type, buyer personas, emotional-functional orientation of your product.

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Strategy Cascading

We facilitate the articulation of 3-5 breakthrough strategies to achieving critical goals of the organization/function. It starts with defining the goals and ownership. In this step, we’ll help you to craft a strategic plan (organizational / functional), its ownership

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Strategy Implementation Services

We co-own the implementation of your strategy by providing / facilitating on-going strategic reviews, critic, lead or mentor strategic initiatives and even program manage (PMO) the entire strategy implementation on a regular basis.

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