Problem Solving

Problem Solving

This course on problem solving is about a set of tried and tested process improvement tools and techniques which can be applied in a systematic manner to solve simple, as well as complex business problems. Its applicability is wide and results are far reaching.

The are various problem solving techniques, but we have chosen the most effective and commonly used tools in business problem solving and built this course. There are many tools used in Six Sigma methodology that we have covered here.

Is it right for you
  • All Managers/Project leaders
  • Team members of improvement projects
  • Process owners/Departmental in-charge
  • Six Sigma project champions
What will you learn
  • Problem Solving
    • Business Problem and Six Sigma Project & its Sources
    • Generic Model & Approach to Business Problem Solving
    • Logic and Intuition, Just do It, DMAIC, & DFSS – IDOV
    • Selecting the Right Problem Solving Method
    • Need & Criteria for Project Selection
    • Project Selection tools – Pareto Diagram, & Project Selection Matrix
    • DMAIC Project Roadmap & Characteristics of Problem Solving
    • Project Tools, Tollgate Review & Project Durations
  • C-E Relationships
    • Types of Causes – Possible, Potential, & Root Causes
    • Cause & Effect Diagram
    • Structure, Purpose, Benefits & Procedure of Cause & Effect Diagram
    • Definition & Procedure for Performing 5 Why
    • Definition & Procedure to Construct a Cause & Effect Matrix
    • Definition of Root Cause Analysis
    • Definition & Procedure for Practical Root Cause Analysis
    • Definition of Graphical Root Cause Analysis
    • Definition of Analytical Root Cause Analysis
  • Graphical Tools
    • Definition, Interpretation, & Procedure of Histogram
    • When to use a Graphical Summary
    • Definition, Interpretation, & Procedure of Box Plot
    • Skewness & Kurtosis
    • Normality Test & its Procedure
    • Definition of Stem-and-Leaf Plot, Run Charts, Scatter Plots
    • Run Chart Patterns & Interpretation with Run table
    • Interpretation of Scatter Plots – Direction, Shape, & Strength of Relationship
  • Brainstorming
    • Approach to Solution Generation, Definition, & Types of Lateral Thinking
    • Edward De Bono, Definition & Concept of Random Stimulus
    • Brainstorming – Unstructured, & Structured Brainstorming
    • Brainstorming Principles & Types
    • Solution Screening Techniques, Approach, & Filtering Techniques
    • Need for Solution Screening
    • Definition of N/3 Voting & Procedure
    • Definition of Pay Off Matrix & Procedure
    • Definition of Criteria Based Matrix (CBM) & Procedure
    • Definition of Pugh Matrix & Procedure
  • Project Management Tools
    • Project Schedule – Gantt Chart – Important Project Management Tool
    • Activity Network Diagrams, Uses & Procedure – Another important Project Management Tool
    • Critical Path Method
    • PERT Chart & its Parameters
    • Interrelationship Digraph & Procedure
    • Tree Diagram & Procedure – Widely used Project Management Tool
    • Prioritization Matrix & Procedure
    • Matrix Diagrams & its types
Features of the Course
  • 5 chapters with 210 mins of self-learning content
  • Interactive audio-visual medium with ample manufacturing and service industry examples
  • Interactive self-assessment quiz for every chapter

Validity Price
30 days access to 5 chapter of online problem solving course content 30 days access to 5 chapter of online problem solving course content is Rs.3,000 + ST
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