Six Sigma

six Sigma

A good understanding of Six Sigma concept is an indispensable knowledge for today’s aspiring professional or B-school student. If you are looking to get yourself up-to-speed on Six Sigma, this course is the best way to do so.

This course is uniquely crafted with elaborate examples and applications of Six Sigma concept.

Is it right for you?
  • Apt for project managers, team members of six sigma project teams
  • Six Sigma induction of all employees prior to Six Sigma deployment
  • All B-School students
What will you learn?
  • Six Sigma & its Goals
    • Lean, Goals of Lean & Lean Six Sigma
    • Six Sigma as a Performance Measure, Problem Solving Tool, & Management Philosophy
    • Problem Solving Tools Used in Six Sigma & its Evolution
    • Variation and Significance
    • CTQ Measures & Specification Limits
    • Defects & Defect Opportunities
    • Source of Defects – Variation & Off-Centered
    • Sigma Scores and Percentages
    • Defectives Per Million & Defects Per Million Opportunities
  • Roles & Responsibilities
    • Yellow, Green, Black, & Master Black Belt
    • Champion / Process Owner & Deployment Champion
    • Certification Criteria to be a Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt & Master Black Belt
    • Career Chances: Six Sigma Professionals
    • Types of Certification
  • Business Problems Solving
    • Business Problem
    • Six Sigma Project its sources
    • Generic Model & Approach to Business Problem Solving
    • Logic and Intuition, Just do It, DMAIC, & DFSS – IDOV
    • Selecting the Right Problem Solving Method
    • Project Selection tools – Pareto Diagram, & Project Selection Matrix
    • DMAIC Project Roadmap & Characteristics of Problem Solving
    • Project Tools, Tollgate Review & Project Durations
    • Case Study for DMAIC
    • DFSS Project Roadmap
Features of the Six Sigma Course
  • 4 chapters with 150 mins of self-learning content
  • Interactive audio-visual medium with ample manufacturing and service industry examples
  • Interactive self-assessment quiz for every chapter
Validity Price
30 days access to 4 chapters of online course content 30 days access to 4 chapters of online Six Sigma course content is Rs.1,500 + ST
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