Business Process Management System (BPMS) is a foundational framework that puts your organization’s policies and processes into action. Three important aspects of institutionalizing any process – Cross-functional ownership, Process deployment & Risk mitigation framework are addressed simultaneously during BPMS implementation.

This is an expert facilitated on-site implementation involving facilitated workouts, on-ground implementation, reviews and coaching.


Business processes are usually cross-functional in nature. Lack of clarify, communication gap, overlapping responsibilities, etc., lead to silos in organizations. On a long run, such silos create rigid brick wall structure within functions and paralyze the entire organization, ultimately impacting customer experience and business goals.

BPMS is a well-proven process centric systematic approach to creating and enabling a cross-functional matrix organization that puts customer and business requirements at the forefront.


  • Cross Functional Ownership
    • End-to-End Process Ownership
    • Inter-department hand-offs
    • Process Deployment
      • Cross-functional process maps
      • Inter-departmental SLAs stack-up for Customer SLA
      • Mapping of critical outputs, customers, inputs & suppliers
      • Process Performance Governance Mechanism
    • Risk Assessment Framework
      • Key business risks & mitigation plan
      • Business continuity planning
      • Escalation matrix
      • Control Plan


    • Process Centric Culture
    • Create Buy-in for all Departments
    • Drastic reduction in fire-fighting
    • Fact/data based decision making
    • Mistake Proof the Process
    • Time-bound exercise