Our solutions are sure shot way to become future fit

Our solutions are a suite of off-the-shelf proprietary tools that are delivered through license purchase, project based execution, coaching, workshop & self-paced e-learning programs. In each case, we support the embedment of solution within client’s ecosystem.

Customer Retention

Deep dive research & analysis of existing & churned customers to improve customer retention.

Customer Journey Mapping

Drive Customer Loyalty by redesigning Customer Journeys.

Performance Analysis Pak

A starter pack includes a series of analytical tests on the data of current performance prior to the commencement of annual strategy planning exercise.

Lean Assessment

An in-depth expert driven assessment that includes gemba visits, interviews, surveys and data analysis to evaluate the current state and recommend a ‘Lean Transformation Roadmap’ for services and manufacturing organizations.

Process Excellence Assessment

A comprehensive expert driven assessment to evaluate the current state of customer feedback, process maturity, metrics, controls, process excellence program so as to carve out a suitable ‘Process Excellence Roadmap’ for services organizations.

Strategy & Implementation Assessment

Management practices supporting strategic planning and implementation are vital for strategic success of any organization. This is an assessment to suggest improvements to existing practices and processes.

Customer Analytics Pak

This solution aims to run some important analytics to help your business directly – (1) Get to know your customers are leaving and build a suitable retention program (2) Identify the key drivers for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

HR Analytics Pak

Get the best out of HRMS data to impact employee attrition and employee satisfaction by building statistical models that help proactive decision making.


Practical Problem Solving (PS+) is a very simple management by fact approach that consists of a 5 step approach to drive improvements within organizations in manufacturing & services. The solution consists of a suite of offering that will help the organization jumpstart its improvement program.


Business Process Management System (BPMS) is the building block of an enterprise process framework. Our experts will use well proven tools to embed business process definitions, ownership, metrics value tree, reporting and much more…

Execution Excellence Coaching

Without doubt, ability to ‘Make things happen’ can make or break our professional & personal dreams. Our exclusive One-on-One coaching program for senior executives is meant to develop leaders who demonstrate strong execution qualities.

Lean Six Sigma Certification

Our online initiative, provides competitive career advantage to young professionals & B-school students, offering them a highly affordable Lean Six Sigma Qualification.

Carpet Bombing

Carpet Bombing is an expert facilitated solution to streamline the process for lower cost, process defects & higher throughput. It involves systematic cleanup of value stream using lean tools such 5S & Muda (waste elimination).

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