Carpet Bombing

Carpet Bombing is an expert facilitated solution to streamline the process for lower cost, process defects & higher throughput. It involves systematic cleanup of value stream using lean tools such 5S & Muda (waste elimination).

Why Carpet Bombing?

Even world class processes assimilate inefficiency and fat over a period of time, immaterial of how well it was originally designed and implemented. While we heavily depend on technology & automation to keep the process efficient, business dynamics such as changing customer requirements, inconsistency in supply, adhoc requirements, competitive pressure, new products/configuration, etc. drag the process to assimilate wastes such as delays, rework, duplication, inventory, too many approvals, etc. Carpet bombing, as the name suggests, is a highly focused team activity that provides drastic improvement in a matter of 2 or 3 days. Improvement opportunities are identified and implemented within a day or two because all necessary stakeholders are involved in the exercise.



Impact Areas

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