Customer Analytics Pak

Today most organizations have enough data within their organization. However drawing meaningful inferences from this data is where they face challenge. Committing to a full scale analytics program will require huge investment in technology and research. Our solution, Customer Analytics Pak helps to debottleneck this phase by providing you with a set of pre-defined and most useful analytics on customer data. All you have to do is to provide data to us and our experts will take care of the rest.

When to use Customer Analytics Pak?

If you are looking for answers to the following questions, then Customer Analytics Pak is what you need:
  • Data backed reasons customer churn
  • Factors for building a profitable retention program
  • Identify which factors drive customer satisfaction and loyalty


  • Data integrity check to improve data quality for future
  • Statistically valid reasons for customer churn with quantified impacts
  • Build a churn propensity model to drive retention
  • Statistically valid factors that impact customer satisfaction and loyalty with quantified impacts


  • Cost effective way to leverage customer analytics in the initial phase of your analytics journey
  • Identify ‘real’ reasons for customer churn
  • Identify ‘real’ factors impacting customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Validate if your source data is good enough to draw decisions
  • Time-bound exercise

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