Performance Analysis Pak

Today, every organization has enough data in the information systems to take fact based decisions. But unfortunately, most organizations don’t go beyond spreadsheet graphs to dig meaningful insights from the data. Performance Analysis Pak is a solution aimed to provide a set of routine analysis of your organization’s performance data. This expert driven solution will be tailored to suit your needs, at the time of application.

When to use Performance Analysis Pak?

This solution is an apt for fact based soul-searching exercise. Hence it is best to use this solution as a first step of your annual strategic planning process or every quarter to pick new patterns. Other occasions to use this solution are prior to commencement of any major strategic change or restructuring of business portfolio and for gap analysis in performance of products, segment or teams.

Scope of Analysis

  • Statistical trend analysis – detect patterns
  • Segmentation and stratified analysis
  • Forecast performance against SLA (worst/best case)
  • Variation analysis
  • Outlier analysis
  • Data correlation


  • Publish data results
  • Draw business inferences from data such as :
    • Risk
    • Opportunity
    • Key drivers
    • Forecasts


  • Challenge the myths about the your business
  • Variation is the culprit that most organization miss to attack. You will never miss it now
  • Built in solution offers external data expert to analysis data rather than trusting on a business analyst who is still up skilling
  • Time-bound exercise

Impact Areas

  • Strategic planning
  • Portfolio management
  • Revenue gap analysis