Many organizations struggle while dealing with their process/shop floor problems. Mid-level managers often tend to sway towards intuition and fire fighting rather than data/fact based decision making and proactive resolution. Practical Problem Solving (PS+) is a very simple management by fact approach that consists of a 5 step approach to drive improvements within organizations in manufacturing & services. The solution consists of a full suite of offering that will help the organization jumpstart its improvement program.

When to use PS+

If you are looking for answers to the following questions, then Customer Analytics Pak is what you need.
  • Data backed reasons customer churn
  • Factors for building a profitable retention program
  • Identify which factors drive customer satisfaction and loyalty

Scope of Engagement

  • Pre-work survey, pre-work e-learning course work
  • Improvement project identification
  • PS+ workshop
  • Project mentoring
  • Online assessment
  • Campaigns, reward & recognition


  • Cultural impact
    • Structured problem solving approach
    • Data based decision making
    • Fire fighting to proactive action
    • Create buy-in for all departments
    • Identifying true root cause
  • Business Impact
    • Process KPIs improvement
    • Customer satisfaction improvement
    • Profitability increase
    • Cost/efficiency improvement