Strategy & Implementation Assessment

Strategy & Implementation Assessment

For most organizations, Strategy formulation and implementation are activities managed by the CEO’s office. These tasks are usually top driven and as a result, the level of engagement and efficacy of output fluctuates from time-to-time.

Strategy & Implementation assessment is a unique expert driven assessment includes deep evaluation of strategic documents, interviews and surveys to exhaustively evaluate current management practices. The results will includes maturity scores of each specific area as against universal standards.

Scope of Strategy & Implementation Assessment

  • Goal setting
  • Internal & external environment scanning
  • Strategy formulation
  • Strategy cascading
  • Integration of strategic planning to financial planning & employee performance planning
  • Selection process of strategic initiatives
  • Management of strategic initiatives
  • Strategy governance
  • Resource management for implementation


  • Publish Strategy & Implementation Assessment report with recommended roadmap/actions
  • On-going assessment(optional)

Benefits of Strategy & Implementation Assessment

  • Full and fair assessment of your organization’s current state
  • Assessment provides the maturity level of the organization in specific areas of strategy formulation & implementation as against universal standards.
  • Time-bound exercise
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